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To schedule an appointment, call, text or email. Leave your name, number, and a few time frames that you are available to come in for an appointment. It is much easier and smoother to get you in if you are specific about what time frame works for you.
There is a 24 hour cancelation policy in which you will be responsible for the payment if you cancel within 24 hours of your appointment. Please be respectful of my time and other clients who are trying to get in for a session and cancel as far in advance as possible. Thank you!
Kira Davis, L.M.T., Boulder, CO
Cell Phone: (720) 443-2537 

 Location: Boulder, Colorado near 28th & Valmont

Kira has been practicing massage most of her life, cultivating a deep caring and nurturing approach in her work. Her seasoned intuition and refined touch will help your body let go of its tension and troubles. Her relaxation massages are highly circulating and refreshing, while her deep tissue, sports, and TMD techniques will dissipate your pains. In her free time, Kira spends her time painting or outdoors, hiking, cycling, or backpacking, thus giving her first-hand experience in understanding many types of structural and muscular issues.

  Website for paintings and photography: 

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