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My foot has felt amazing this week! I don't even have the arthritis stiffness even with the crazy changing temperatures. Went running twice and had an amazing day skiing yesterday, moguls and all! This afternoon, I sprinted for the first time! You are a miracle worker! 

-- Runner who suffered pain/limitations for one full year after foot surgery


I had been suffering from a bad case of TMJ for a few months. I had seen a dentist, and an oral and maxillofacial surgeon who made several suggestions but I actually got worse instead of better. I reverted to only drinking fluids so that I would not pull my jaw muscles and cause more pain. With only a couple of Kira's massages I was able to make a very speedy recovery, and in only 2 weeks I was able to talk, smile, eat soft foods and comfortably open my mouth again. I highly recommend visiting Kira if you have any TMJ issues!
-- Deborah, Boulder Co


I am a 62 y.o. physician and over the years I have seen many different massage therapists for recurring neck, shoulder and back problems. Kira Davis is the best therapist I have ever utilized. She is knowledgeable about anatomy and pathological conditions and uses a variety of therapeutic techniques extremely effectively. She has an engaging and warm personality that is perfect for her profession.                          

 -- Westminster, Co


I have been going to Kira over a year now, initially after a recurrent back injury, and can say that she has had more impact on my comfort and mobility than many alternative means of medical manipulation or injections, etc. I feel that my fitness and wellbeing have benefited greatly from her approach and I'm always impressed at how she can cater her approach to what your needs are... As a medical professional I would certainly encourage my patients to visit her before considering other treatments for musculoskeletal issues.         

 -- E.A. (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine - FACOEP) 


I have gone to numerous bodyworkers over the past 20+ years, and I am picky about with whom I work. Having sustained several traumatic injuries, I need someone who is very attuned to me, versatile, and creative; Kira provides all that and more. It is very difficult for my nervous system to relax, yet Kira plies her art with such confidence, skill and containment that it is easier for my body to relax and surrender to the healing she is providing. I am always delighted by unique sequences or combinations of strokes she has developed (ask her about the work she does on the hip joint). Give yourself a huge gift by giving her a try; I'm sure you'll be glad you did!

-- Boulder, CO


I went to Kira to get a TMJ-Massage because I suffered from a... toothache and my dentist suspected teeth clenching even though I wear a mouth guard. 2 days after the first session with Kira the toothache was almost gone! She knows what she is doing with the little muscles around the mouth/face.

-- Lea, Boulder


I just wanted to say thanks again for a fantastic massage the other weekend- I mean this in all sincerity, it was the best massage I have ever had. I have never experienced such a deep state of relaxation during and after a massage- I did not want to leave the table but instead soak up all that goodness! It was incredibly nourishing for my body and soul and I am still reaping all the benefits of the massage- especially on my IT bands and shoulders!

 -- J.S. Boulder, CO


I am a physical therapist as well as a yoga instructor. I came to Kira... after my husband bought me a gift certificate. Kira is an excellent massage therapist; she really knows how to isolate muscles and to work in a focused way to ease tension, as well as provide an overall feeling of relaxation. After my massage with her, my recent flare up of neck pain and range of motion improved significantly, and I could touch the floor without bending my knees for the first time in my life! I was very impressed with her knowledge and hands on skill level. I would highly recommend her to my family, friends, patients, and anyone looking for a great relaxing massage as well as specific problem area attention."

-- L. Boulder, CO (Physical Therapist and Yoga Instructor)


Hi Kira, I am feeling great! The tension you worked out of my hips has also been incredible- and I've had fewer headaches. I'll definitely be in touch.

-- Bethany, Boulder, CO


I had a 90 minute massage session this morning and it was an exceptional experience! I've visited several local massage therapist and Kira is one of the best, if not the best! I've had chronic shoulder problems, and she worked on that area in particular, and it hasn't felt so relaxed and 'normal' in quite a while. kira used a great blend of deep pressure and movement of the shoulder to really help get the kinks out! 

 -- J.L. Boulder, CO


Your massage worked wonders.  The pain has disappeared.  It was pretty much all better 2 days after the massage.

-- W.S. Boulder, CO


During many years as a competitive amateur athlete, I've been to many massage therapists.  Kira is one of the very best.  She knows the body, and she uses a variety of techniques to find the right therapeutic touch to heal you.  She's great about communicating with you in session, and always very considerate of your experience on the table, and when suggesting activities to continue healing outside her office.  She has helped me prepare for races, and recover from them, as well as nudging me back into top form during training.  Her availability, and scheduling are great, and you can't beat her discounts for alternative transportation to her office.  I always leave her sessions feeling grateful for her expertise and care.

--J.B. Boulder, CO


Receiving a massage from Kira was a truly blissful experience. Her skill and intuition about the body was exceptional and I felt completely nurtured and taken care of during and after the massage. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to relieve physical tension and to experience a state of deep relaxation and bliss.

-- M.S. Boulder, CO


Having tried several massage therapists in the Boulder area, I can say Kira is the best therapist I've been to by a mile. Her attention to detail and fantastic communication ensures her clients needs are fully met. I always feel relaxed and rejuvenated after a session at Kira's and would recommend her to anyone without reservations.

-- Ovo, Boulder, CO

I have to tell you how profound the effects of your massage have been; I’ve been feeling so good and my neck is better as well.  Your truly have a gift!

-- Mark, Boulder, CO


Kira is very in tune to her client's needs by assuring that she is concentrating on the areas needing the work most and also by how deep or easy she applies pressure.  I come out of a session in an extremely relaxed state and find my pains disappearing for an extended time after the massage.  She is thorough, pleasant and in tune with my needs.  I would definitely go to her again and recommend her to friends.

-- Francee, Boulder, CO


Excellent technique, pressure, and adaptation to my back issues - your massage is wonderful.  I recognized you had good massage skill and experience after the first appointment. Your leg lift technique - lifting and working on those muscles while incorporating the passive motion is very effective. You handled my weight effortlessly - and I'm 190 Lbs. Thanks for listening and for your suggestions for my lower back. I am regaining flexibility and motion in my back, as well as enjoying reduced stress.

-- Dan, Boulder, CO


 Kira provides an excellent massage that circulates the blood and offers complete relaxation. Over 25 yrs of experience shows in her soothing touch. I strongly recommend that you try her massage techniques. My body felt great and purely healed. 

-- Jason, Hawaii


I appreciate Kira's massage experience and technique, which has helped me heal faster from various muscle issues.  Kira has excellent focus, methodology and techniques. She can be very comprehensive in her work and thoroughly addresses the problem areas I come in for.  I also appreciate Kira's efforts to support community values.

-- S. J., Boulder, CO


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