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~Packages, Gift Certificates, Referral Benefits

Packages: Save money, while insuring a continued plan of preventative health care through therapeutic bodywork.

       Birthday Special: Show ID for the $90 special! 

       Regular Packages:  

  1. 3 hours for $270 (~$90 per hour value!)
  2. 7 hours for $600 (~$85 per hour value!)
  3. 12 hours for $960 ($80 per hour value!)

Gift Certificates:  Treat a friend or relative to a 1-hour or 2-hour massage. Show that you care about their comfort, health, and enjoyment. You may purchase a gift certificate in person, or using PayPal. Minimum purchase is $100 or in conjunction with a special offer. (To use PayPal, send your email address, and I will send you a payment request.)

Gift Cards: (maximum expiration date is 6 months)
Show how much you care! Get a  Gift Card for friends, your spouse, co-workers or family. Discounts marked below. 
                          30 min- $50 (special offer)
For a special touch send a photo or choose from my art gallery of photos & paintings (below). I can print the perfect image and create custom cards for special occasions & people. (Hand-painted originals may need time to be completed.)
Make a custom Gift Card! OR Simply give art as the gift
Check out my work! I have an art show about once every year or three for fun, but I'd like to take this chance to share my creations with you! Please enjoy my artwork. I haven't done much with this website, but it has over 100 of my paintings and photographs from Colorado to Oregon, Tibet, China, Yosemite, Hawaii, Israel,Japan etc. (Grand Canyon and SW Utah, soon!) Feel free to ask me questions about any of the pieces, as I love sharing my artwork! If you are interested in purchasing a piece, most of my prints go for $20, while originals go for $100 - $500. Custom gift cards may be as low as $5. 

Photography & Paintings

Referral BenefitsRefer friends to Intuitive Touch Massage Therapy and enjoy a reward of 10 extra minutes of massage free of charge. Simply email my website and phone number to your friends who deserve some stress relief or pain alleviation. After five referral clients purchase a session, you earn a free hour! (Must be used within two months.)

After-Massage Relaxation: Sleep for 15 minutes after your massage is over. During a massage, your parasympathetic nervous system is stimulated. This puts your body in a healing and regenerative state, abundant with health benefits. For an extra $10, don’t get up immediately after your massage is over. Sleep in quiet and privacy for an additional 15 minutes to make the most of your relaxation.

Body Awareness: Learn about your body during your session. Awareness of your skeletal-muscular system can help you to prevent new stresses in your body and heal old ones. Just ask to learn about your body before, during, or after the massage. (There is no additional cost for this, unless you would like to schedule a time to learn about the body in depth.)

Rice/Millet Packs: $20 each (by request)                                                                                     

Rice packs have many functions and benefits. Below are some of the versatile uses:

  1. Hot and/or Cold Hydrotherapy/Vascular flush- useful for muscle soreness, tightness, inflammation, strains, or sprains (Ask about when to use hot or cold)
  2. Keep warm in the winter or cool off in the summer. (Personally, I put the rice pack in the microwave for 2 minutes before bed, giving me a cozy start to a comfortable sleep)
  3. Save money and conserve electricity! Regulate your body temperature by putting a rice pack over your neck, or on your lap or feet with a blanket around you.
  4. Relieve menstrual cramps by placing on your stomach or lower back.

Paintings/Photos: $20-$200 per print, (Originals, $500-$1000)

Postcards: $20.00 for 4

Artwork Websites: 

Nature's Alphabet Cards:

Photography & Paintings:

Geometric, Black and White Artwork:

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