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Neuroplasticity describes the ability of our brains and nervous systems to shift the signals we send to our body. Our brain controls all of our functions, consciously and unconsciously. But we have the power to shift even the unconscious signals through changing our narratives and our thoughts. Let me show you how:

Simple example about stress:

We all experience stress. When we have a thought about something we are afraid of, our brains will likely send stress signals. Perhaps signals get sent to our nerves to fire our muscles, making them tense; perhaps our heart rate increases; or signals to release more cortisol are transmitted; we may get sweaty palms or armpits.

Simply by taking deep breaths and shifting our focus to our breath and the present moment, we may notice that our heart rate slows; our muscles may relax; we stop sweating; and even our cortisol may return to normal levels.

By changing our 'thoughts,' we have the power to change our minds, and our brains can react to those thoughts by shifting the signals it sends out.

Example for Chronic Pain:

If your foot was injured badly five years ago, and it has hurt ever since, it is normal to have a narrative that "My foot always hurts." This narrative may go through your mind consciously and unconsciously many times a day. Having this thought can send pain signals to your foot.

It is possible that your foot would hurt with or without the narrative, but it is also possible that the narrative is what keeps the signals going. So, through meditation, although it's unlikely that 100% of the pain signals are coming from the narrative, it is likely that some part of them are.

By shifting your narrative, you may find that the pain is less frequent or less severe. Try, "My foot is still healing from an injury I got a while ago." Or, "It's been a while, but I still believe my food can heal."

What we do in the meditations:

Be mindful that Neuroplasticity goes both ways. Our thoughts can lead us down paths that are detrimental as well as paths that improve our quality of life. In Neuroplasticity Meditations, I can work with broad topics or explore in depth the negative self talk and limitations that keep you from a higher quality of life.

We counter the narratives that do not serve you can create affirmations that help you heal. We work directly with the nervous system, honouring its process and also re-wiring the old paths that send unnecessary pain and stress signals. And we work with ourselves and our own brains to create a safe space to strengthen the pathways that bring healing and help us overcome the obstacles in our lives.

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